Terms of Service to Enclix.com
By accessing or using the service and website, you agree to be bound by these Terms
1. Registration and Use of the Service
In order to use the service an individual account must be created. The account may be accessed only with the use of the username and password. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the login details. Any unauthorized access to your account should be reported immediately.
In an effort to ensure the integrity of the Enclix advertising program, you can only have one account. You agree to and must use your own email address in the sign-up process and may not assume a false identity. You may not sign-up multiple times with different email addresses. Your email and payment account must not be shared with another individual that has an existing Enclix account.
Enclix is limited to one account per household. Your computer must not be shared to view advertisements with another individual that has an existing Enclix account. If more than one account in a single computer view advertisements, all of those accounts will be permanently suspended. Each advertisement can be viewed by the same IP only once per 24 hours. For viewing advertisements an internet connection must be used only by a single user every 24 hours. Enclix can at its own discretion block any member that violate this policy.
2. Prohibited Practices
Multiple registrations and/or running multiple accounts shall be grounds for immediate termination of all involved accounts. Registering multiple accounts from the same IP address or from the same computer also constitutes fraud. Any use of Internet bots, also known as web robots or simply bots would be ground for immediate termination of your Enclix account.
Enclix does not allow you to sell or rent your account. In the event you attempt to sell or rent your account, the account will be limited with no access. Enclix is free to join and the selling or renting of your account to make a profit from your activities here is strictly prohibited.
In the event that you issue a chargeback on a transaction you completed while logged into your Enclix account, Enclix will suspend your account. A transaction is defined as a purchase that you knowingly made for an advertisement and service. All purchases are non-refundable. We can and will suspend any account found to violate this policy.
Enclix does not allow the use of anonymizer or proxy servers to access our system. Enclix can at its own discretion block any member who knowingly accesses our system with an anonymizing, VPN or proxy server.
3. Forum and User Behavior
Any inappropriate conduct in our forum or any type of account activity deemed to be inappropriate or illegal in the sole discretion of Enclix, these actions may result in member termination and possible legal action as well as forfeiture of any earned commissions not yet disbursed to you from Enclix.
In an effort to ensure the integrity, any accusation, intimidation, threat or disrespect against Enclix staff, here or elsewhere will be seen as disrespectful and may lead to the permanent suspension of your account, temporary suspension of membership or any other benefits.
4. Payments and Cashouts
Your earnings will be sent by your method of choice provided that some conditions are met. You can only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you've used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount. The maximum amount you can request to the other payment processors is equal to the value of the purchases you've made through them individually. In the event of equal most value of purchases between two or more payment processors you can make an unlimited payment request for each one that is part of the par.
Minimum balance to cashout is $5 for all members. To request a payment click on the link that will be made available on your account summary page. You must have a correct and existing payment account. All payments will go directly to that user's payment account and cannot be canceled.
All payments will be made instantly upon request. From the amount paid, a fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use.
Payments made to Enclix do not need to be made from a verified payment processor account, with the exception of PayPal. All payments made through PayPal must be made from verified accounts. If the PayPal account is not verified, the payment will be denied and the amount refunded to you.
5. Advertiser Requirements
Any advertisement submitted for consideration to Enclix will first be approved by our staff before being activated. Websites containing adult or illegal content, malicious script or code, excessive pop-ups, or viruses are prohibited. Enclix reserves the right to reject advertisements at our sole discretion. In summary, and without being exhaustive, no sites promoting the follow shall be submitted to Enclix: Tobacco Sales, Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia, Discriminatory Practices, Weapons Sales, Pharmaceutical Sales, Illegal Downloads including movies, MP3, software etc., Gambling / Betting, Adult Content or Sexually Themed Material including any dating websites, Alcohol, which includes: beer, wine, liquor or homemade breweries.
Advertisements must not be viewed on mobile phones. Doing so may lead to the permanent suspension of your account.
6. Referral Guidelines
You may refer as many people as you want. However, you must not send unsolicited email or force anyone in any other way into becoming your referral. You also cannot use any service that attempts to sell you referrals. We will verify such incidents and they will result in account termination.
Rented referrals have a return policy. If, within 14 days one of your rented referrals does not click any advertisement, you will automatically get your referral exchanged with no additional charge and for unlimited times. This exchange policy is only for rented referrals and they will only be replaced when new ones are available. Rented referrals are distributed based on an activity rule but we cannot predict or assure how they will behave afterwards. Letting a referral expire will have a small fee ranging from $0.02 to $0.05 depending on your current membership.
The clicks you earn from referrals are directly related to the clicks you make. If you click at least 4 advertisements being a free member, you'll receive all clicks made from your referrals. If you click below that, the maximum you will receive is only the amount of clicks you've made multiplied by the number of referrals you have. The referral clicks will be calculated based on the clicks you made on the previous day. These calculations are based on the server time which can be seen in the View Advertisements page. The only advertisements that will count are: Fixed Advertisements (Pink Ads).
7. Account Abuse
We have the right to suspend your account at any time for any valid reason including, but not limited to, the disrespect of our Terms of Service. All permanently suspended accounts will be archived and you cannot register using the same username or email addresses.
8. Copyright
No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of Enclix.com, it's officers or management, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alone materials. Enclix logos and stats are the sole property of Enclix.com and may be copied or used on your website, blog, Facebook, email or like but a link back to Enclix.com must be present.
If you have any questions about these terms and service or your dealings with the Enclix website, you can contact us anytime or get help in our Facebook and Twitter.
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